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Sildenafil is a complete analog of one of the best drugs for potency treatment and erection strengthening from the pharmaceutical company Pfizer. The difference between Aurogra 100 is that it is made by a company based in India. Auchem that doesn't spend millions marketing its brand doesn't pay big offices in the regions. Such drugs are called generic.
The drug Sildenafil with the active ingredient Sildenafil in a dosage of 100 mg is the most effective and popular, suitable for people who have problems with potency and erection in the initial stages.

Aurogra working principle

For the Aurogra-100 to work as expected, it requires natural excitation, if not then this remedy will not work as there will be no blood flow to the penis and the substance will not get to the genitals. The penis will not stand alone without agitation, so the chances of having uncomfortable situations are minimized.


The drug Sildenafil is used an hour before sexual intercourse, the peak of its effects is for a period of one to two hours after using this drug. Aurogra-100 tablets takes about 5 hours. It is recommended not to take more than 100 mg per day, which is the same as 1 Sildenafil tablet. An increased dosage can be drunk in case of appointment by a doctor or if your body weight is higher than the standard, and also with serious problems of people with erectile dysfunction.
The drug Sildenafil should not be combined with alcoholic beverages. If you plan to take tablets with alcoholic beverages, then it is better to do so with the active ingredients tadalafil and vardenafil, but if you take alcohol in small amounts


It is better to avoid the use of the drug sildenafil: people under the age of 18, and even if you are older than 65, it is better to take the drug under the supervision of a doctor.If there are problems with pressure, you should Also consult your doctor to recommend a drug that is compatible with your blood pressure, as some drugs raise blood pressure and some lower it. If you have had problems with an infection or a stroke in the last 6 months, then this medication is also not necessary.If you have problems with internal organs: heart, blood vessels, kidneys, If you have a deformity of the penis, it can cause certain
The active ingredient may not be suitable for all people, especially if there is an incompatibility, then it is necessary to replace the active ingredient with another.

Sildenafil info

The drug Sildenafil has good reviews from customers who have taken pills to solve the problem with potency. Good reviews of its effectiveness even in severe cases. With negative reviews, this is poor compatibility with alcohol: the drug acts either with a 2-3 times delay, or headache, pressure and redness of the face. Neutral reviews refer to the time of action of tablets, an average of 4-5 hours, which is not much and not enough. But it is worth noting that eating after taking the sexual enhancer can also reduce its effectiveness and duration of action. According to customer reviews, this drug can be rated 8 out of 10.
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