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Traditionally, generic Cialis has been taken as a drug that inhibits PDE-5.

This means that after a man he can recover for the closest possible rapport in the shortest possible time. And at that time there is no decrease in desire and apathy. Note that this way, tadalafil only works in the usual dosage - Vidalista, this concentration can be slightly uncomfortable for most people.

Composition: Active ingredient Vidalista CT (Soft) is Tadalafil.

Manufacturer - Centurion Laboratories (India) Quantity in the pack - 10 pieces of active ingredient - Tadalafil number of active ingredients - 20 mg effect - increased potency, erections, treatment of pulmonary hypertension Time of action - up to 36 hours Take for 30-40 minutes (best effect for 80-120 minutes) Compatibility with alcohol - yes, in small numbers Do not combine with fatty foods. Shelf life: 2 years

Cheap Vidalista CT (Soft) Drug For Potency (Tadalafil) is an excellent way for those who decided to have the weekend impressively and energetically after hard work. A man after taking the sexual enhancer can forget what a weak erection and embarrassing situation in this regard. The remedy eliminates serious physiological problems in the male body and leads to absolute impotence. Among the effects can be mentioned the activation of the blood circulation, which contributes to the flow of blood into the vessels of the penis during sexual intercourse. A man cannot worry about premature ejaculation. The active antidepressant effects of the drug are traced, which helps to get rid of anxiety and excessive emotional stress, thereby relaxing the whole body.At the same time, sensory perception is slightly subdued. The time of the onset of orgasm is somewhat delayed, that is, the act of love is prolonged. So the drug increases stamina. In addition, testosterone levels rise in men.

Instructions for use

The drug should be used with a dragee under the tongue, and then you need to dissolve it about half an hour before sexual intercourse. Specialists recommend taking half of the tablets as a single dose. The daily dosage should not exceed one pellet. A course treatment of 3 to 12 weeks is possible. The potency is already significantly improved a week after starting the drug. After the treatment, the coated tablet can be kept for 24-48 hours.


- it cannot be taken with high blood pressure or a tendency to low blood pressure - consult a doctor if there is a kidney disease - it is necessary to refuse its reception in the case of serious diseases of the stomach and problems in the hemopoiesis system - eye diseases and individual intolerance

Composition of the preparation

The active ingredient in Vidalista CT, Tadalafil (Lat Tadalafil) is an active protein of natural origin, used successfully in medicine to treat decreased activity in men of different ages.

Working principle

By improving the circulation of the penis, Cialis Vidalista CT strengthens the male reproductive system while maintaining all the necessary conditions for the development of a healthy erection. Noticeable results can be observed after 30-40 minutes after ingestion. In this case, the effect of the drug lasts more than 36 hours.

Useful properties of the drug

- quick digestibility - high performance - soft form of action - non-addictive - does not affect the biological properties of sperm