Erectile Dysfunction is a Taboo

You will notice various commercials where a patient speaks freely with his doctor about his impotency condition and the physician prescribes him a treatment which he gets it filled from a pharmacy and then settles for a romantic evening, these commercials are way too good to be true, like most of the commercials we see on daily life.
As per the recent study it has been found that most men with erectile dysfunction do not report their condition to their physicians, even though there are various options available today to treat it, it has been found by researchers that the available ED treatments are way underutilized and only 25% of the actual 6 million alone in United States report this condition.
Researchers took a close look at the records of these 6 million men who were diagnosed with ED and also used the insurance claims using the code erectile dysfunction for the records from May 2010 till July 2011, it was found that almost 6.2 million men aged just above 30 years were diagnosed with ED.
These records were then sent to pharmacies to find out, as to how many men actually refilled their prescription with PDE5 inhibitor drugs like extra super p force or tadapox, there are other drugs called as prostaglandins which are given by injection or urethral suppositories which are used to replace the androgen hormone in the body.
The researchers considered the case of erectile dysfunction to be untreated if the if the individual received a diagnosis and did not fill their prescription, the age of these men were also taken into account along with other health problems they suffered from, it was surprising fact that only 18 percent of men above the age of 65 were considered treated.
Erectile dysfunction is condition in which a male is unable to hold on the penile erection and is unable to perform the sexual activity satisfactorily; most men do not report this condition due to act of shame and do not wish to reveal their identity as the patients of impotency as even today ED is looked down upon men as a condition which is shameful.