Hair Loss and its Common Reasons

Hair loss or the loss of hair is usually referred to the loss of hair on the head. Too much hair loss can lead to partial or total baldness. Hair loss is one of the most common problems in people’s lives.
Common reasons for hair loss:
Hereditary Causes: Genetic hair loss is also known as androgenetic alopecia. This is the most common cause of hair loss. You can inherit this gene from either your father or mother and if they both have that gene, you have a lot of chances of acquiring it.
Hypothyroidism: This s disease of the thyroid in which the body releases very less thyroid hormone. This hormone is responsible for heart rate, metabolism and mood.
Iron Deficiency Anemia: Many men and women have iron deficiencies due to various reasons. Women whose periods are heavy or they don’t consume iron-rich food can have the deficiency of iron which causes anemia. An anemic person has a deficiency of RBCs which are responsible for transporting oxygen to cells.
Unhealthy Scalp: The scalp which is unhealthy might have inflammation which prevents hair from growing. Other skin conditions like dandruff, fungal infections and psoriasis can also cause hair loss.
Excessive Styling: Too much styling, shampooing and dyeing can cause hair loss. The chemicals and heat make the hair weak and causes it to break and fall.
Stress: Stress is another important cause for hair loss. This also includes sleep deprivation. These two factors when combined with a bad diet causes major hair damage.
How to prevent hair loss:
Taking care of hair: When your hair is constantly heated or dried by artificial methods, it is more likely to get damaged. Oil and shampoo your hair regularly.
Good diet: A protein rich, healthy diet will do wonders for your hair. A good diet for hair includes protein, iron, vitamin C, Omega-3 fatty acids, biotin and zinc.
Get stress under control: Get good sleep, lay back a bit and do not miss exercising.
Treat hair loss: This step is followed when you can no longer prevent hair loss and it is actually happening. Take prescribed medications, do egg oil massage, get hair transplant, get hair restoration surgery or consider laser treatment.
Loss of hair creates an adverse psychological impact on most people but we need to remember that stressing so much about it will only cause it more. When you have no other solution then just accept yourself the way you are.